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About the Event

Technology and The Intelligence Renaissance

The world is on the cusp of another major leap in technological advancement. AI, machine learning and automation are changing the way we learn and how we work. While the full impact of these technologies on our businesses and in society is unknown, understanding their potential is crucial to the future of digital media. The challenge is knowing which are the right ones to jump on, and which are flashes in the pan. Making the right bet is a key part of thriving in today’s dynamic market. With looming US mid-term elections, political outcomes are far from certain, and in today’s environment the role of the media in upholding democracy has never been felt more keenly, nor come under more attack.


The 3rd annual Progress Connect event will focus on the technology and intelligence renaissance during a time of political, social and economic change. Through discussion, debate, sector-focused sessions and storytelling, we will take leading thinkers from across the media, technology and advertising industry on a journey to help them prepare for the coming changes and sort through all the noise.  


Attendees will leave with actionable insights around: ​

  • The intelligence revolution and what this means for digital media

  • Data privacy and security and the impact for business and consumers

  • The rapid change in the television landscape

  • The technological innovations which promise to disrupt and offer new opportunities for growth

  • New opportunities in e-commerce

  • Ad-tech, Mar-tech, SMB-tech, Digital Automotive, TV Advertising and more


Who should attend:

  • C-Suite leaders and entrepreneurs across media, marketing, technology and advertising

  • Emerging growth company executives seeking partnerships, growth investments, or additional contacts with strategic buyers or investors

  • Later stage venture and private equity investors looking for emerging growth companies in media, marketing, and Ad-tech

  • Strategic buyers looking for next generation technology in their sectors

We look forward to seeing you there!


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